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Pool with bespoke vapour barriers

Vapour Barriers

Indoor pool with vapour barriers

Vapour Barriers

Vapour barriers protect your pool hall from damaging the adjacent areas, ensuring you can enjoy the finest quality pool experience, stress free.  Together with our fully integrated Air Handling Units, this provides an uncompromised pool hall environment.

We install the highest quality vapour barriers, customised to your specific requirements, a great addition to your indoor pool.

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Vapour Barrier Benefits

Vapour barriers are an important feature in any indoor pool building. They prevent mould from forming on structures and damaging their structural integrity. Vapour barriers can ensure your pool hall reaches a full lifespan and is maintained correctly throughout. Additionally, stopping the growth of mould prevents the associated smell and poor air quality, which can ruin your swimming experience. Alongside these benefits, stretch ceiling vapour barriers can support the insulation of your pool hall.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings offer a great alternative to traditional vapour barriers and present a great solution with  both form and function. Stretch ceilings are known for their straightforward and rapid installation compared to traditional vapour barrier options, making them a practical and efficient choice for pool owners. Additionally, they come in a wide range of colours and textures, so you can customise your pool hall to suit your own style.  Whether you're aiming for a natural, textured look or a more contemporary design, stretch ceilings offer versatility to match various styles. The sleek design options of stretch ceilings allow them to suit almost any pool hall environment.

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