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Deck Level and Infinity Pools

Deck Level Pools

Deck level pools maintain the pool water at the same level as the flooring or deck around them, providing a sleek and seamless design, blending your pool into its surrounding environment.

How Deck Level Pools Work

The secret behind the elegant deck level pool design is in their water flow management. In deck level pools, water flows over the coping stones along the perimeter of the pool and into a grill in the paving which surrounds the pool.

This water is then channelled into a balancing tank and subsequently pumped to the filters and disinfectant systems before returning to the pool, clear and immaculate.

Deck Level Indoor Swimming pool
Small Deck Level Plunge Pool
High Quality Water

Deck level pools offer exceptionally hygienic quality water with a high rate of filtration through a balancing tank system. As surface water is removed from grills surrounding the pool rather than a few sources, the rate of filtration is unparalleled, ensuring the best quality possible for your home or commercial pool.

Aesthetic Excellence

Just as the water quality of deck level pools is second to none, so is their beauty. The visual allure of a continuous water surface and the absence of skimmers contribute to a sleek and elegant appearance. One difficult to match with traditional designs.


Find out why Deck Level or Infinity pools may be good for you:

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools or infinity edge / vanishing edge pools provide a unique visual of the water blending with it's surroundings and flowing into nothingness. Ocean Swimming Pools design and install these magnificent and delicate infinity pools across the UK.

Blue infinity edge basement pool
How Infinity Pools Work

Unlike traditional pools, at least one edge of an Infinity pool will not contain water with a wall at the same height as the water level.

Infinity pool are actually constructed on very slight slopes. The lowered edge or edges of an infinity pool are carefully designed to align with the slope, ensuring that water spills over uniformly and creates a seamless connection with the backdrop.

The water that spills over the lower edge doesn't disappear; instead, it's captured by a catch basin or overflow trough. This basin is concealed, preventing any disruption to the visual continuity of the infinity pool.

Why Chose an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools represent one of the most beautiful and luxurious options you can go for. Visually stunning, they also provide a relaxing environment for you to enjoy. The sound of the water cascading off the lowered edge creates a soothing effect which can dull the pervasive noises of everyday life.

Infinity pools are also easy to maintain. With the constant flow of water over a lowered edge, debris is regularly removed. This flow of water keeps your pool clean and reduces the amount of manual work usually required to maintain a pool.

Infinity Edge Basement Pool
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