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What is the Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature for You?

Do you ever wonder what the right temperature for your pool is? The perfect pool temperature is one of the most important parts of the experience, whether your pool is for competition or for enjoyment with your children, there is pleasant range for everyone. Below we’ll consider some of the varying factors and options for the ideal swimming pool temperature.

First of all, here’s a rough guide range for different pool temperatures:

Indoor Swimming Pool

Competitive Pools: 24°C-27°C

Commercial Pools: 26°C-29°C

Personal Pools: 26°C-30°C

Hydrotherapy: 31°C-35°C

Spa Pools: 36°C-40°C

Things to Consider:

1. The Goldilocks Zone: General Swimming Pool Temperature (25-29°C):

Much like Goldilocks searching for the perfect porridge, finding the right pool temperature is about balance. Generally, maintaining a temperature between 25°C to 29°C degrees Celsius strikes a good balance. This temperature range caters to a diverse audience and, if you are unsure, then a temperature within this range is a safe bet. There are some things to consider though, if young swimmers will be using the pool, you may want to opt for a higher temperature. Likewise, if this pool is being used for competition or exercise, a lower temperature will suffice.

2. Considerations for Comfort: Weather and Personal Preferences: 

Weather conditions and personal preferences influence your comfort. For indoor pools, the water temperature should sit around 2°C cooler than the room temperature to reduce the evaporation that will occur within the room. For outdoor pools, adapting the water temperature based on the weather conditions is vital for your comfort. In the UK, consider a solar cover to help heat the pool and minimize some of the costs.

3. Wellness and Relaxation: Hydrotherapy at 32-35°C:

For those seeking therapeutic benefits, slightly warmer water in the range of 32 - 35°C is ideal. This temperature promotes muscle relaxation, eases joint pain, and enhances overall well-being.

4. Splash-Friendly Waters: Ideal Pool Temperature for Children (28-32°C): 

Families with young swimmers deserve an environment tailored to their needs. A family friendly pool should sit around 28 - 32°C. The slightly higher temperature ensures a safe and enjoyable space for the youngest members of your family.

5. The Challenge of Humidity: Striking the Right Balance:

While perfecting the water temperature is essential, addressing humidity challenges is equally crucial for indoor pools. Uncontrolled humidity poses risks, from promoting bacterial growth to causing structural damage. Ocean Swimming Pools incorporates strategic dehumidification solutions, maintaining optimal conditions for both pool and swimmers.


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