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Top Tips for Winterising a Swimming Pool

As we draw into winter and the UK weather starts to worsen, pool owners need to winterise their pools in preparation for the cold months ahead. Properly preparing your pool for winter ensures that it remains in top condition, ready for your enjoyment when the warmer days return. Here are some essential tips for winterising your pool.

Balance the Water Chemistry:

Before closing your pool for the winter, it's crucial to balance the water chemistry. Adjust the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels to recommended ranges. Balanced water prevents corrosion and scale build-up, preserving the longevity of your pool equipment.

Clean Thoroughly:

A pristine pool at the beginning of winter means less work when you reopen it in the spring. Remove debris, leaves, and any other contaminants from the pool.

Shock the Pool:

Give your pool a shock treatment to eliminate any lingering bacteria or algae. This ensures a clean slate for the winter months and minimizes the risk of staining or scaling.

Backwash and Clean the Filter:

Proper filtration is crucial for maintaining water clarity. Backwash and clean your pool filter thoroughly, removing any trapped debris. A clean filter prevents clogs and ensures optimal performance.

Lower the Water Level:

To protect your pool from potential damage caused by freezing water, lower the water level below the skimmer and return lines. This prevents ice expansion from damaging the pool's plumbing and equipment.

Winterize the Plumbing:

Safeguard your pool's plumbing system by draining water from pipes and equipment. Blow out the lines to prevent freezing and add pool antifreeze to protect against any remaining water.

Remove and Store Accessories:

Take the time to remove and store pool accessories such as ladders, skimmer baskets, and pump baskets. Storing these items properly prevents damage and prolongs their lifespan.

Cover Your Pool:

Invest in a high-quality pool cover to shield your pool from debris and harsh winter weather. A secure cover also prevents sunlight from promoting algae growth and helps maintain water temperature.

Monitor Water Level:

Throughout the winter, periodically check the water level. Ensure it remains at the recommended level to prevent damage to the pool cover and maintain the structural integrity of the pool.

Regular Maintenance Checks:

Even in the offseason, stay proactive with occasional maintenance checks. Inspect the pool cover for any tears or damage and remove any accumulated debris promptly. This ensures a smooth reopening when spring arrives.

Winterising a swimming pool is vital to its preservation and functionality. If you take care of your pool throughout winter, you’ll reap the benefits when the warmer weather returns. If you’d like your pool to be winterised and protected for next summer, contact Ocean Pools today!

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