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Our Guide to Swimming Pool Covers: Safety, Solar, Moveable Floors.

Swimming pool covers are an important part of your pool. Depending on your choice of cover, the benefits can range from protecting your children and pets to supporting the heating of your pool. In this blog post we’ll cover (no pun intended) everything you need to know about swimming pool covers.

-        Benefits of Covers

-        Safety Covers

-        Solar Covers

-        Moveable Floors

-        Conclusion

A swimming pool cover on an outdoor pool

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers

Debris Defence: Pool covers are an important part of swimming pool maintenance. A cover acts as a protective barrier, preventing leaves, twigs, insects and other debris that can find their way into your pool. This helps you have a cleaner and more inviting pool environment but also significantly reduces the time and effort required for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Water Conservation: A key function of swimming pool covers is their ability to reduce water evaporation. By acting as a barrier between the water surface and the atmosphere, pool covers play an important role in water conservation. The reduced stress on water replacement not only translates to cost savings for you but also helps to keep your pool as sustainable as possible.

Chemical Savings: As mentioned above, sunlight results in water evaporation for your pool which can increase the chemical treatments needed to keep your pool clean. Pool covers mitigate this by providing shade and limiting sun exposure. As a result, the need for excessive chemical usage is curbed, again leading to both economic and environmental benefits. A more stable water chemistry requires fewer balancing treatments and makes swimming pool maintenance easier.

Extended Swimming Season: Pool covers contribute to an extended swimming season by retaining and harnessing the sun's heat. By trapping warmth, they create a more comfortable water temperature, allowing for enjoyable swimming earlier in the spring and later into the autumn.

Energy Conservation: The thermal benefits of pool covers extend beyond water conservation. By retaining heat, pool covers reduce the reliance on additional heating systems, promoting energy efficiency. This not only conserves energy resources but also translates into cost savings on heating expenses.


Considerations When Choosing a Swimming Pool Cover:

  1. Type of Cover: When selecting a pool cover, consider the specific type that aligns with your requirements. Safety covers, solar covers, automatic covers, and movable floors cater to different needs, ranging from safety concerns to energy efficiency.

  2. Installation and Maintenance: Evaluate the ease of installation and maintenance associated with each cover type. Some covers may require professional installation, while others offer a more user-friendly DIY approach. Additionally, understanding the maintenance requirements for your cover is important when choosing the right option. Swimming pool builders like ourselves can guide you through which cover to choose to suit your needs.

  3. Budget: Factor in the cost of the cover in relation to its long-term benefits. While certain covers may have a higher initial investment, their efficiency and durability often justify the upfront expense over time.

  4. Pool Size and Shape: Ensure that the cover's dimensions align with your pool size and shape. An appropriately sized cover guarantees effective coverage, maximizing its protective and functional benefits.

As we delve into the specific types of swimming pool covers in the subsequent sections, these considerations will guide you in making an informed decision tailored to your pool's unique needs and your preferences.

Safety Covers:

What is a Safety Cover?

A safety cover for swimming pools is a robust and secure layer designed to completely cover the pool's surface, creating a barrier that prevents accidental access. These covers are typically made from durable materials such as reinforced vinyl or mesh and are anchored to the pool deck.

Types of Safety Covers:

Mesh Safety Covers:

Mesh safety covers are tightly woven from durable mesh material, creating a strong barrier that allows water to pass through. They effectively block debris and prevent unauthorized access.


  • Durability: Mesh covers are renowned for their strength and longevity.

  • Drainage: Excellent drainage capabilities prevent water accumulation.

  • Algae Resistance: Mesh covers resist algae growth, making them ideal for winter protection.

Solid Safety Covers:

Solid safety covers are constructed from impermeable material, providing complete coverage and blocking sunlight from reaching the pool water. They often feature a drain panel in the centre to manage water accumulation.


  • Superior Debris Protection: Solid covers offer unmatched protection against debris.

  • Sunlight Blockage: By blocking sunlight, they prevent algae growth.

  • Winterization: Ideal for protecting the pool during the off-season.


Automatic Safety Covers:

Automatic safety covers are motorized systems that can be easily opened or closed with the push of a button. They provide a convenient and efficient way to secure the pool.


  • Quick Operation: Motorized operation allows for immediate pool coverage.

  • Convenience: Automatic covers offer hassle-free daily use and maintenance.

  • Energy Savings: They contribute to energy efficiency by covering the pool when not in use.


Benefits of Safety Covers:

1.      Accident Prevention:

·        Safety covers act as a barrier preventing accidental entry into the pool. This is particularly crucial for families with young children or pets, offering peace of mind.

2.      Debris Protection:

·        By securely covering the pool's surface, safety covers effectively block leaves, branches, and other debris. This not only maintains a cleaner pool but also reduces the workload associated with routine cleaning.

3.      Winterisation:

·        Safety covers are especially useful when winterizing your pool, protecting it from harsh weather conditions. Mesh and solid covers create a shield against snow, ice, and other elements, ensuring the pool emerges in optimal condition come spring.

4.      Algae Prevention:

·        By blocking sunlight, solid safety covers prevent the conditions favourable for algae growth. This significantly reduces the likelihood of algae formation, minimizing the need for extensive cleaning and chemical treatments.

Investing in a safety cover not only protects your pool but also your loved ones. The choice between mesh, solid, or automatic covers depends on your specific requirements and preferences, but the common thread is the added layer of protection and peace of mind they bring to your pool ownership journey.


Solar Pool Covers:

What is a Solar Cover?

A solar cover, is a lightweight, UV-resistant cover designed to float on the water's surface of a swimming pool. Composed of air-filled bubbles that trap sunlight and heat, solar covers use the sun’s energy to heat a pool, helping to reduced the cost of swimming pool maintenance.

Benefits of Solar Covers:

  1. Temperature Regulation:

  2. Energy Efficiency:

  3. Chemical Preservation:

  4. Reduction of Water Evaporation:

  5. Debris Protection:

  6. Easy Installation and Removal:

  7. Environmental Impact:

  8. Cost-Effective Heating Solution:

Movable Floors: Elevating Your Pool Experience

What are Movable Floors:

Movable floors allow you to change the depth of your pool and also completely fill it in so that it can be used as a multipurpose space. Whether you want a chill shallow spot or a deep dive for fun, these floors are all about adjusting to what you need.

Benefits of Movable Floors:

  1. Adaptive Pool Depth:

  2. Safety Augmentation:

  3. Optimised Space Utilisation:

  4. Aesthetic Appeal:

  5. Simplified Pool Maintenance:

  6. Increased Property Value:

Consider the Drawbacks:

While movable floors offer a number of advantages, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks. The complexity of their design and installation can result in higher upfront costs, and maintenance may require specialised expertise. Additionally, mechanical components may be susceptible to wear and tear over time, necessitating periodic repairs. So, while this option presents a lot of great functionality, it comes at a cost. Something to bear in mind.


Choosing the right cover for your swimming pool can enhance your experience in various ways. Let's quickly recap the key advantages of different pool covers:

Safety Covers:

·        Protects against accidents

·        Minimizes debris and leaves

·        Supports pool longevity

Solar Covers:

·        Harnesses sunlight for warmth

·        Reduces water evaporation

·        Enhances energy efficiency

Movable Floors:

·        Customisable pool depth

·        Boosts safety and space utilisation

·        Versatile for different activities

Each cover type brings its unique set of perks, whether you prioritize safety, energy savings, or flexibility. Consider your preferences, lifestyle, and pool usage to make the right choice. Ultimately, the ideal cover will not only protect your pool but also elevate your overall swimming experience.

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