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A recent Pool Refurbishment Project

We recently completed this refurbishment in Wolverhampton, offering a transformative upgrade to the existing pool space. The project began with the building contractors removing the “deep end” and levelling the pool floor, ensuring a uniform and stable base for the subsequent installations.  

Swimming pool before refurbishment
Existing pool before works commenced

Next, a brand-new, high-quality on-site liner was installed. This liner not only adds to the visual appeal of the pool but also serves the practical function of providing a durable and waterproof barrier that maintains the pool's structural integrity and prevents leaks. 

To enhance the appearance and safety of the pool area, LED pool lights were installed. These lights provide superior illumination, enhancing both the visual appeal and safety of the pool area. Furthermore, their energy-efficient design contributes to sustainability and reduces electricity costs. 

The pool surrounds were also given a modern upgrade. Improving the overall appearance of the swimming pool area, creating a more attractive and inviting space. 


In conclusion, this pool refurbishment has significantly improved both the aesthetics and functionality of the pool area. The levelling of the pool floor, new on-site liner, LED pool lights, and upgraded pool surrounds have transformed the space into a modern, inviting, and safe environment for our valued customers. 

Swimming pool after refurbishment works
Pool upon completion of refurbishment works


If you are interested in giving your pool a facelift, contact us today on 01902670717 or 



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