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Swimming Pool Installation

Ocean offer both commercial and domestics installations, ranging from economic to the most luxurious of swimming pools depending on the requirement.

When designing and planning your pool we will offer our expert advice on cost saving, how to best utilise the space available and the best options for you all without compromising on the high standards and quality that you expect. Before starting the swimming pool construction you will have the opportunity to choose from wide range of internal and external finishes available to compliment the surroundings of the pool, whether you're looking for a commercial pool for hundreds or a private haven to relax in, we have something to suit everyone.

Specialist Installations

Ocean's swimming pool installers complete every job with extensive operating and maintenance instructions. We will also provide a minimum of two days training to the pool operative. To guarantee complete peace of mind Oceans services does not stop here... with our aftersales and maintenance packages you have nothing to worry about.


The art of water cleaning can be difficult however Ocean's experience and technical abilities don't stop at being swimming pool builders. Ocean know how important treating your water is, ensuring the pool is crystal clear at all times. A water treatment system is an essential part of your pool; Ocean can offer anything from simple semi-automatic dispensers to fully automatic ozone installations.

Ocean also markets a range of advanced technology ultra violet primary disinfection units designed to combat the constant effects of the environment. UV systems are a proven method of killing cryptosporidium and can remove the 'chlorine' smells that are associated with indoor pools; they can be installed into new or existing installations.


A spa can be a great addition to your swimming pool, and is a wonderful place to relax and revitalise after a hard day. Ocean's Spas can be designed to your specification to fit in any location, our experienced team will advise on what's best for you.


Saunas provide a relaxing haven to unwind in, relieving stress and tension. Ocean pools can design a specification to suit your needs and your budget. Our experienced installers will install with minimum disruption.

Steam Rooms

Steam rooms are the perfect addition to your swimming pool and a great way to pamper yourself and relax. Providing a gentle heat and high humidity the steam is absorbed into your skin removing toxins from the body and cleansing your skin. Steam rooms are also proved to improve blood circulation and ease the tension in the muscles. Contact Ocean to discuss your steam room.

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